Rock Climbing and Rappelling

Everything you need to know for your next adventure

Instruction and Clinics

ASCI climbing program combines the guides, beginners, and intermediate climbers on its natural boulders and ledges located in the Fork Run Recreation Area. Our basic program is 2 hours of climbing and rappelling. To explore some of the other rocks in the region, we are happy to hook you up with the climbing guides at Seneca Rocks (1.25 hours south of ASCI) and at Cooper's Rock (45 minutes away).

ASCI's Guided Programs

  • Rappel & Climb (2.5 hrs, 2 person minimum)
  • Intro to Advanced Climbing (2.5 hrs, 2 person minimum)
  • Climbing Area Information
    • The "Boulders," ASCI's main climbing rock, is over 25 feet high at its peak. Free climbed by world-class climbers Lynn Hill and Will Gadd, the Boulders offer a wild array of boulder problems, beginner top-roped ascents, and challenging single-pitch sport routes.
    • "Boulder 360" is a rhododendron capped V0-V8 boulder with a complete 360 degree traverse. It is about 12 feet at its highest.
    • The Ledges are a series of 30-40 foot routes
    • Composition is Sandstone -- Greenbrier Formation
    • Rock Integrity is Sturdy and clean, with some sharp quartzite conglomerate bands. Minimal Chauce.
    • There are 15 developed sport routes and over 10 top rope anchors for easier climbs
    • Difficulty ranges from beginner (5.4 - 5.8) to advanced (5.11 - 5.12)


Reservations are required, and to insure guide availability should be made at least 48 hours in advance, and are subject to rescheduling or cancellation due to foul weather (although ASCI usually climbs through light drizzle and/or cold weather).

Call Adventure Sports Institute to book a climbing trip: 301-387-3320

What to bring on your Climbing Experience

  • Water bottle and snacks
  • Closed toe shoes for rappelling/climbing
  • Sunscreen/hat
  • Warm jacket/extra clothing
  • Comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement
  • Long pants such as sweatpants or leggings to protect legs from rock surface
  • Please remove all jewelry prior to instruction
  • Rock Climbing Shoes are Provided (sizes 4-14)