Make Your Reservation with ASCI Adventures!

For reservations and additional information please contact Wisp Resort, ASCI’s resort partner, at 1-877-300-ASCI (2724).

Whitewater Rafting Make Reservation   Peak: Mid June-Labor Day Off-Peak
  Mon-Thurs Fri-Sun All Days
  Classic Guided Rafting   $54 $69 $49
  High Adventure (price per boat; 3 persons max)   $209 $234 $194
  Private Guided Rafting (price per boat; 6 persons max)   $329 $419 $299

Make Reservation Inflatable Kayak ("Duckie")
Comfort wear included
  Peak: Mid June-Labor Day Off-Peak
  Mon-Thurs Fri-Sun All Days
  Single -Guide Assisted (required 1st time)   $59 $64 $54
  Double -Guide Assisted (required 1st time; 2 people)   $69 $74 $64
  Single (rental per 2hr session)   $24 $24 $24
  Double (rental per 2hr session)   $29 $29 $29

Make Reservation River Boarding
Comfort ware included
  Peak: Mid June-Labor Day Off-Peak
  Mon-Thurs Fri-Sun All Days
  Single -Guide Assisted- (required 1st time)   $59 $69 $59

Make Reservation Kayak Instruction   All Season
  All Days
  Introductory Class (2 hours 1-6 people)   $74
  Roll Class (2 hours 1-3 people)   $74
  Private Instruction (2 hours)   $119

Private Boating
(Kayaks, Canoes, River Boards, Duckie's) Call for water times and reservations
  All Season
  All Days
  All Day Pass   $24
1/2 Day Pass (2 hrs)$19

Climbing & Rappelling Make Reservation   All Season
  All Days
  Climbing & Rappelling   (2.5 hrs, 2 person min)   $54

Make Reservation Geocaching   All Season
  All Days
  Intro to Geocaching w/GPS unit- (2 hrs, 4 person min)   $24
  GPS Unit Rental (w/map)   $9

Make Reservation Hiking & Walking   All Season
  All Days
  Guided Hike w/ Snack-  (2 hrs. est, 4 person min)   $24
  Back Country Hike w/ Lunch- 10AM-2PM (1/2 day est, 4 person min)   $39

Make Reservation Mountain Biking   All Season
  All Days
  Back Country Bike Trip (Guided, 2 hour)   $54

Climbing Wall
No reservations needed!
  All Season
  All Days
  Single Climb   $4
  Three Climbs   $9
ASCI operates the world’s only mountaintop whitewater course,and introduces thousands of people to guided rafting and other adventure sport activities each year.
Deep Creek 2014 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships ASCI is the official venue of the 2014 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships.

Adventure Sports Center International 250 Adventure Sports Way
McHenry, Maryland 21541

For reservations and questions please contact Wisp Resort, ASCI's resort partner, at 1-877-300-ASCI